Grey-necked and Giant wood-rails

Giant Wood-Rail
Aramides ypecaha
Giant Wood-Rail
01-08-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
Two-coloured neck. Grey to the front part also covering the breast. Chestnut at the back.
Abdomen is rosy
Gray-necked Wood-Rail
Aramides cajaneus
Gray-necked Wood-Rail
02-09-18 © Lucas de Ciria
Neck all grey.
Breast and abdomen are rufous

Giant Wood-Rail
04-07-15 © Sergio Cusano

Sergio took both in the same photo. Giant wood-rail on the left and grey-necked wood-rail on the right

There is a difference in size. The Grey-necked Wood-Rail (36 cm) is smaller than the Giant Wood-Rail (42 cm). They frequent the same habitat and behave in a similar way.