Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

History in photos-2

These images have been provided by Marcelo Castro, to whom we thank for sharing them with all of us. I also thank Simón Tagtachian for digitizing them.

This material was taken in 1985 before the place was declared Reserve in 1986 and after works had been abandoned in 1984.

A long time has passed and memory is not so accurate to locate all the areas. Some places are evident whereas others are not. It would be of great help that anyone who remembers this time and can identify the places could provide additional information.

Duck PondWater mirror and workshop behind, on the way out to Brasil AccessFisherman's pier from the Alisos PathCaretakers of the premisesGear of the machinery used, on the coast of the Alisos PathFisherman's pier during ebb tide, Alisos PathTractor tyre, view towards Brasil AccessNo reference found to these bricksTractor tyres, view towards Viamonte Access. Fisherman's pier and Catalinas buildingsFrom the Alisos PathElectric power plant across the southern canalFisherman's pier, Alisos PathLight towers of the workshop. Nowadays remains of these towers may be seen in between the vegetation Concrete block, Alisos PathDuck PondDuck PondGull PondElectric power plant across the southern canal from the way out to Brasil AccessDuck PondDuck PondTrail among pampas grassFisherman's pier from the Alisos PathView of the river from the Alisos PathWater mirror with water lettuceShip at sea from the Willow PathShip at sea from the Middle Path