Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Laurentia Emperor - Doxocopa laurentia laurentia

Family Nymphalidae - Subfamily Apaturinae

Zafiro común/Laurentia EmperorMale © Mario Martín ChimentoZafiro común/Laurentia EmperorMale © RAP
Zafiro común/Laurentia EmperorFemale © Pablo SerurZafiro/Laurentia EmperorFemale © Victoria Mansilla

Zafiro común/Laurentia Emperor © Pablo Serur

Zafiro/Laurentia Emperor© RAPA close-up of the proboscis. The two tubes are tied in such a way they form a feeding canal through which nectar is lapped up. When not feeding the proboscis is curled up.

Differences between female Laurentia emperor and Syma sister
Laurentia EmperorDoxocopa laurentia laurentiaZafiro común/Laurentia emperor© J. Simón TagtachianLaurentia Emperor female is very similar to Syma Sister Adelpha syma, the Adelpha commonly seen at the reserve. Differences: The white stripe is narrower then the orange spot in Syma sister Adelpha syma. Syma sister Adelpha syma Has more lines between the white band and the edge. Syma sister Adelpha syma ends in a small orange dot which Laurentia emperor Doxocopa laurentia laurentia lacks.
Syma sisterAdelpha symaAlmirante menor/Syma sister© Sergio Cusano
If we compare the ventral side, there would be no doubt which is whichZafiro/Laurentia Emperor© Victoria MansillaIn the above photo is barely showing its ventral side, but it is clear that it lacks the white and orange stripe of Syma sister in the below photoAlmirante menor/Syma sister© Sergio Cusano