Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Summer birds

Who are expected to arrive?
In this picture we can see the birds visiting us in summer. Summer understood in a broad sense. That is, birds arriving in september and leaving when summer ends. There is a small picture and its voice if recorded. If the species has sexual dimorphism both male and female appear. The last eleven species are boreal migrants whose habitat has not yet been recovered. Anyway some of them showed briefly last year.

tuyuyúAmerican Woodstork
garcita azuladaStriated Heron
Aguilucho langostero/Swainson's HawkSwainson's Hawk
Pollona azul/Purple GallinulePurple Gallinule
CuclilloChicoAsh-coloured cuckoo
Cuclillo canela/Dark-billed CuckooDark-billd cuckoo
crespinStriped cuckoo
atajacaminos tijera machoScissor-tailed Nightjar (m)
atajacaminos tijeraScissor-tailed Nightjar (f)
halcón peregrinoPeregrine Falcon
Fiofío grande/Large ElaeniaLarge Elaenia
Fiofiío pico corto/Small-billed ElaeniaSmall-billed Elaenia
doradito comúnWarbling Doradito
barulleroTawny-crowned Pygmy-Tyrant
Mosqueta estriada/Bran-colored FlycatcherBran-colored Flycatcher
Mosqueta parda/Euler's FlycatcherEuler's Flycatcher
Churrinche/Vermilion FlycatcherVermilion Flycatcher (m)
churrinche  SAC 1 1015Vermilion Flycatcher (f)
Viudita blanca/Pied Water-TyrantBlack-backed Water-Tyrant
suiririrealTropical Kingbird
tijeretaFork-tailed Flycatcher
burlisto pico canelaSwainson's Flycatcher
tuquito grisCrowned Slaty Flaycatcher
Benteveo rayado/Streaked FlycatcherStreaked Flycatcher
anambé comúnMWhite-winged Becard (m)
Anambé Común hembraWhite-winged Becard (f)
Chiví comúnRed-eyed Vireo
Golondrina domésticaGrey-breasted Martin
golondrina pardaBrown-chested Martin
golondrina ceja blanca_2White-rumped Swallow
Golondrina zapadora/Bank SwallowBank Swallow
Golondrina TijeritaBarn Swallow
Golondrina rabadilla canela/Cliff SwallowCliff Swallow
Arañero cara negra M/Masked Yellowthroat MMasked Yellowthroat (m)
Arañero cara negra H/Masked Yellowthroat FMasked Yellowthroat (f)
volatineroBlue-black Grassquito
tachurí canelaBearded Tachuri (m)
Tachurí canelaJ/Bearded TachuriJBearded Tachuri (f)
corbatita común MDouble-collared Seedeater (m)
Corbatita comúnHDouble-collared Seedeater (f)
Reinamora chicaM/Glaucous-blue GrosbeakGlaucous-blue Grosbeak(m)
chorlo pampaAmerican Golden-Plover
becasa de marHudsonian Godwit
Pitotoy grandeGreater Yellowlegs
pitotoy chico HH 09 06Lesser Yellowlegs
pitotoy solitarioSolitary Sandpiper
playerito manchadoSpotted Sandpiper
playerito rabadilla blancaWhite-rumped Sandpiper
playerito unicolorBaird's Sandpiper
playerito pectoralPectoral Sandpiper
playerito zancudoStilt Sandpiper
falaropo comúnWilson's Phalarope