Secretive crakes

These two crakes share the same environment and theri habits are similar though the Rufous-sided Crake tends to expose more than the Red-and-white Crake. Aspect and size are similar, that's why they seem to be the same thing. Nevertheless we will see there are some other clues which resolve the identification.
Red-and-white Crake
Laterallus leucopyrrhus
Red-and-white Crake
13-10-14 © Pablo Serur
Red and white
Reddish legs
White undertail coverts
Bill with yellow base
Red iris
Rufous-sided Crake
Laterallus melanophaius
Rufous-sided Crake
09-10-11 © Carlos González Ledo
Whitish, cinnamon and brown
Brownish legs
Cinnamon undertail coverts
Bill with green base
Dark iris