Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Least Grebe - Historic records

Order: - Family: Podicipedidae

08-11-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
30-10-15 © María Cecilia Chiale
31-05-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
01-05-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
18-04-15 © Sergio Cusano
08-04-15 © Alec Earnshaw

The least grebe caught a freshwater shrimp

02-04-15 © Sergio Cusano
24-03-15 © Diego Carús
21-03-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
21-03-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian

With white-tufted grebe

20-03-15 © Victoria Mansilla
15-03-15 © J. Simón Tagtachian
07-03-15 © Silvia Loiacono
28-02-15 © Pablo Manuel Fernández

Pablo and Amelia discovered this least grebe in the RECS

28-02-15 © Sergio Cusano

Pablo and amelia discovered this least grebe in the Coypu Pond

28-02-15 © Silvia Loiacono
21-02-15 © Eduardo Carreyra

This is in fact the first photo taken of the least grebe. It was the Saturday of the Birding Challenge, that is, one week before. As Eduardo learnt this bird had been seen he rechecked his photos and found it.

Total: 17


07-11-15 © Cora Rimoldi


24-03-15 © Claudia y Diego Bastías


28-02-15 © Claudia y Tito Di Mauro

This grebe is smaller than the White-tufted Grebe Rollandia rolland as shown by Claudia y Tito in the video. The yellow eye distinguishes from the other grebes among other things.
This Least Grebe is out of the area of distribution. In Argentina it covers an area in the north part of the country from the mountains to the east and reaches the south to the provinces of Santa Fe, Córdoba and Entre Ríos though not completely.

Total: 3