Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Winter birds

What birds are expected to arrive?
In this picture you can see the birds that visit us in winter. Winter in a broad sense. These birds are expected to arrive in autumn and will stay with us till mid spring. They may not be migrants. A small photo for each of them, some with their songs, which is also a good clue to know if they are near. In species with sexual dimorphism both male and female appear, unless there is no photographic record on the site, as is the case for the female Mourning Sierra-Finch.

Pato overo/Southern WigeonChiloe Wigeon
flamencoChilean Flamingo
 gavilán cenicientoCinereous Harrier
Gaviotín sudamericano/South American TernSouth American Tern
Gaviota capucho café/Brown-hooded GullBrown-hooded Gull
Gaviota capucho gris/Gray-hooded GullGray-hooded Gull
Gaviota cangrejeraJ/Olrog's GullJOlrog's Gull
Remolinera común/Bar-winged CinclodesBuff-winged Cinclodes
Canastero coludo/Sharp-billed CanasteroSharp-billed Canastero
Fiofío silbón/White-crested ElaeniaWhite-crested Elaenia
Cachudito pico amarillo/Yellow-billed Tit-TyrantYellow-billed Tit-Tyrant
Piojito trinador/White-bellied TyrannuletStraneck's Tyrannulet
Viudita pico celesteM/Blue-billed Black-TyrantMBlue-billed Black-Tyrant (m)
Viudita pico celeste/Blue-billed Black-TyrantBlue-billed Black-Tyrant (f)
Dormilona cara negra/Dark-faced Ground-TyrantDark-face Ground-Tyrant
Cortarramas/White-tipped PlantcutterWhite-tipped Plantcutter (m)
CortarramasH/White-tipped PlantcutterFWhite-tipped Plantcutter (f)
Calandria real/White-banded MockingbirdWhite-banded Mockingbird
Saira de antifazFawn-breasted Tanager
Yal negroH/Mourning Sierra-FinchFMourning Sierra-Finch (f)
Brasita de fuego/Red-crested FinchRed-crested Finch (m)
brasita de fuego HembraRed-crested Finch (f)
sobrepuestoAustral Negrito (m)
SobrepuestoH/Austral NegritoFAustral Negrito (f)
Monjita coronada/Black-crowned MonjitaBlack-crowned Monjita
Fueguero común/Hepatic TanagerHepatic Tanager (m)
Fueguero comúnF/Hepatic TanagerFHepatic Tanager (f)
Monjita blanca/White MonjitaWhite Monjita
Golondrina patagónica/Chilean SwallowChilean Swallow
monterita canelaCinnamon Warbling-Finch
Monterita liroraleñaGrey-throated Warbling-Finch
Gaviotín real/Royal TernRoyal Tern
Águila mora J/Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle JBlack-chested Buzzard-Eagle
gaucho comúnGrey-bellied Shrike-Tyrant
Macá plateado/Silvery GrebeSilvery Grebe
agachonaLeast Seedsnipe
Chorlito de collar/Collared PloverCollared Plover
Chorlo pecho colorado/Rufous-chested PloverRufous-chested Dotterel