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Green Lacewing - Chrysoperla externa

Order Neuroptera
Family Chrysopidae
Green Lacewing
03-05-15 © Sergio Cusano
It is called lacewing and there are green and brown lacewings. Those of this family are green. The wings of the adult are translucid and they rest in a gable roof-like way on the body. They are also named "stinkfly" due to the nasty smell they expel when threatened. These insect are quite beneficial to man since both the larvae and the adults predate voraciously on aphids, butterfly larvae and mite.
14-03-15 © Flor A Modeo
It is characteristic of this family the way they lay eggs. The female protects them from predators sticking them to peduncles. This peduncle is a drop of an adhesive substance which is attached to a stalk and extended moving the abdomen upward. It forms a thread which becomes rigid. The egg is deposited at the tip. This is an egg deposition of a chrysopid, but we do not know whether it belongs to this species.