Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur

Sitio realizado por aficionados a la observación de aves desde 10 de enero 2006

Horacio Reinaudo

In memory of Horacio ReinaudoWe received the sad news about his deathNo doubt Horace was a pioneer. This site was among the first to be on the internet. At that time building a site was as easy as it is now. Codes were not meant for everybody. But his tenacity and energy were stronger and beat the dream imagined along with other observers during their walks around the RECS. Already in Sweden on 10th of January 2006 the site was inaugurated. Who would imagine that this small reserve in Buenos Aires would be lodged in a server 14000km away! And rumor had it. "Have you seen the site of the reserve? Visit" and people looked somewhat puzzled ".se?" Do you remember the first version where all birds were piled on the left bar? A long list which did not last long. He reorganized in much more accesible way divided into families, and then came the English version and later the alphabetical order for those who were not acquainted with families. And each photo had to be processed. It was cut, and compressed so that it could be downloaded quickly because "no everybody has a quick conection" he said, and made the file with all the links. And then checking that those links worked correctly was a must! All this patience, perseverance, generosity and selflessness is your legacy. Thanks to you, we have now all this information available. And personally I feel very grateful you entrusted me with the continuation of your work. CoraHoracio Reinaudo RECS  22-02-2004Horacio Reinaudo along with observers at RECSHoracio ReinaudoHoracio Reinaudo at a farewell dinner before going back to Sweden in 2004.I thank Diego Caiafa for the photos.