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Fire - August 2013

The fire started at 7 p.m. and spread over dried grasses, basically pampa grasses Cortaderia selloana. Several fire brigades arrived on the scene and by midnight the fire was under control.
A preliminary evaluation estimated that an area of 20 ha of grassland at the Gull Pond had been affected and that there was no need to evacuate visitors since the reserve was closed.
Due to the characteristics of the fire it is presumed to be intentional, but the result of the tests will be ready in almost a week.

With a heavy record of more than 400 fires the fire made the news in the media and social networks with much participation of people who shared their photos (See selection of photos by Simón Tagtachian). And I consider this participation the bright side of this terrible accident (whether intentional or not). Is a more "green" consciousness awaking? I hope so.

After day photos from outside the reserve
All the photos below were taken by J. Simón Tagtachian. Simón tells us that from the outside the burnt area was not seen, but the temporary dam built to retain water in the first sector of the pond was broken. This caused the whole pond to be flooded from end to end. Vegetation prevents from seeing water but in clear areas is easily noticeable. And there is plenty of water, which suggests that water kept being pumped, most certainly to keep the area wet to act as a firebreak. He also observed two fire brigades going into the premises.
1-8-13 incendio4 JST
1-8-13 incendio8 JST
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1-8-13 incendio2 JST

Phots of 3rd of August inside the reserve
View of the burnt area walking from the Lizard Path to Viamonte Access. Pampa grasses Cortaderia selloana were the most affected but these are very strong and recover very quickly.
3-8-13 incendio JST
3-8-13 incendio1 JST
3-8-13 incendio2 JST
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3-8-13 incendio4 JST
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3-8-13 ubicacion_de_las_fotos incendio JST
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